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Hair Wrap
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Hair Wrap


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Taking care of your hair doesn't end in the shower! Traditional bath towels pull and tug at delicate and vulnerable wet hair, causing breakage and damage to your hair. Our hair wrap is the best way to take care of your hair.

  • Cut down drying time in half by wrapping your hair right out of the shower. 
  • Soft and plush fabric helps gently dry hair unlike traditional towels that create rough textures
  • Extra large in size making it perfect for any hair type and great for long thick hair unlike those other hair towels. 
Save time and reduce damage to your hair!

1. Flip head forward and place turban on center of the nape of the neck. The button should be in the center. 
2. Ensure all hair is in the wrap and twist. 
3. Once tight attach elastic ring to button to close. 
4. Leave on until ready to blow dry. 

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Material: Polyester 80%, Polyamide 20%
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