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  • Extended Warranty

By Bombay Hair

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty





Extended Warranty Policy

Bombay Hair styling tools are produced to the highest quality, and will provide you with reliable service when used according to the instructions. All Bombay Hair Styling tools have been thoroughly tested in our quality control center before leaving the factory.

In the unlikely event of defects caused by faulty material or workmanship, Bombay Hair offers a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. Therefore, if you experience any mechanical issues - we will replace your unit free of charge, provided you have a warranty. Please note, the consumer is responsible for shipping charges back to the Bombay Hair head office. Your warranty record is associated with your order number.

Please note, all Bombay Hair styling tools products at time of purchase do come with a 1 year limited warranty, but with purchasing this extended warranty you are covered for an additional 5 years. Even if your item is discounted we will honor the extended warranty for 5 years after the discontinued date.

The Extended Warranty is at an additional cost to the consumer.

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