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Truly 100% Indian Hair!

so your wondering...why bombay hair, right?

here's why...


Why Indian Hair? 

    The hair cuticle of Indian hair is thin and therefore Indian hair has the ability to blend in with most, if not all, hair types. Not only that, Indian hair also keeps its natural elasticity allowing curls to last longer and bounce unbelievably beautifully! Even more so, Indian hair easily holds hair products, as well preserves moisture, for an extended period of time - meaning, your hair style will look luscious and last longer with100% Indian hair. With all that said we also use little to NO silicone on our hair - allowing for the best hair extension styling possible!

Why Remy Human Hair?

    Remy is considered the highest grade quality of human hair because the steps required to collect and process the hair is done with such care. Specifically, the hair is hand picked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing hair - meaning, the cuticles run downwards in order to prevent tangling. The tedious and gentle process used by Remy standards to collect and arrange hair ensures that hair remains soft, silky, shiny and tangle free. 


Why bombay hair?

it's very simple...


100% Indian hair is of the highest quality of hair available on the market,

Remy standards are superior to all other human hair collecting and processing methods,

therefore, 100% Indian Remy Human Hair is the best!


...that ladies is the very essence of BOMBAY HAIR!




 so don't settle for anything less, and get the BEST human hair extensions in both clip in hair extensions & tape hair extensions (seamless tape extensions)....

become a Bombay Bombshell today...